Kimberley Fischbuch

Prayer Service

2021-08-18 19:00 Sacred Heart Catholic Church 5 Ave East Oyen AB T0J2J0

Funeral Service

2021-08-19 14:00 Sacred Heart Catholic Church 5 Ave East Oyen AB T0J2J0

Obituary of Kimberley Sharon Mary Fischbuch

It is with deep sadness that we say farewell to our dearest sister Kim as a result of a tragic house fire on the farm on August 11, 2021. On August 22, 1962, Edwin and Alice welcomed Kimberley Sharon Mary to their busy family of two sons and two daughters. Throughout Kim’s childhood, she shared special connections with Melita, Dick, Dennis, and Karen. In her younger years, she was a very energetic and rambunctious child who kept our family on their toes. She loved running through the fields and sloughs with the dogs, but sometimes she lost track of the time and we had to go searching for her. Some of her favourite past-times were playing in the huge sandpile that our dad dumped in the front yard for her, swinging on her swing set, and watching the chickens for hours. She had beautiful, long, golden hair that would fly behind her in pigtails, as she giggled and smiled running around planning her next shenanigans. Alice and Ed were eager to jump at the opportunity to get Kim involved in educational experiences, companionship and interactions with children in our welcoming school community in Oyen. Everyday, Kim was ecstatic to meet the big, yellow school bus at the end of the driveway. She loved this independence which was fostered by her warm, caring, dedicated and conscientious bus drivers, teachers, classmates and classroom helpers. Having a Special-Ed class in our community brought new beginnings and flexibility to our school system. It provided awareness, enrichment and acceptance to students with different needs. Our family is eternally grateful for the 6 years that she was able to learn and grow in the classroom. When Kim turned 18, she remained on the farm with Mom, Dad, and brother Dennis with his family. She was excited to become an aunt and was glowing when she had the opportunity to embrace the newborn babies in her arms. Kim was always watchful and gentle in her interactions with her nieces and nephews as they grew. She was known for her signature greetings that she learned from Dad, such as her big, warm handshake, Ed’s trademark “salute”, and her double thumbs-up, all with a bright smile. Like Ed, Kim was eager to reach out and welcome all people she crossed paths with. Kim deeply enjoyed music and loved dancing with Dad at the Lanfine Hall. Mom was fond of the endless hours spent listening to Kim strum on her guitar. She looked forward to regular trips to the Oyen Seniors Recreation Centre with Mom and Dad where they participated in disking tournaments. In later years with Mom, the highlight of their week were the visits from home care for baths, hugs, and conversations. Kim treasured holidays and special occasions spent with family. She loved to celebrate by giving a toast, saying “Cheers!” and singing Happy Birthday, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells, and O Canada. Kim’s room was decorated in her favourite colour purple, which she spent many hours in. She was often found admiring and sorting cards given to her and doing puzzles. Kim never said much, however we could go on forever saying what an angel she was. The most precious gift to our family was Kim. A smile and hug from her was the best gift a person could ever receive. We will forever miss Kim and will treasure every moment we shared with her. Kim was predeceased by her loving and endearing parents, Alice (July 1, 2015) and Edwin (February 29, 2000); brother-in-law Robert Stenhouse (2003); and numerous aunts and uncles who dearly loved and supported Kim throughout her life. Kim will be cherished and missed by all who knew and loved her, especially her siblings Melita Stenhouse, Dick (Valerie) Fischbuch, Dennis (Kyna) Fischbuch, and Karen (Darcy) Hittel; Uncle Norman Fischbuch, Aunt Joan Standish, and Aunt Molly Fischbuch; nieces and nephews Dean (Tara), Clay (Kara), Jeanine (Jamie), Corey (Jenna), Tricia, Mark, Ken, and Sydney; great-nieces and nephews Robbie, Max, Addie, Keeley, Ethan, Raelle, Gabriella, Edwyn, Anneliese, Emmaline, Danica, and Peyton as well as numerous cousins, relatives, friends, and neighbors. A special thank you goes out to the local fire departments and first responders for their invaluable hard work and quick response. Our sincere appreciation for the persistent efforts of the EMS, doctors, and nurses of the Big Country Hospital and their professional care. We thank the Ministerial Association and the many people in the community of Oyen for their endless generosity. Our gratitude also extends to our supportive neighbors and relatives who supplied water for the fire department, transportation, food, and accommodations to our family during this difficult time. We will forever be grateful for your immediate assistance and heartfelt words and actions. Following the funeral service, family and friends are invited to a luncheon hosted by the Sacred Heart Parish Ladies in the Assumption School. Thank you to the staff of MacLean’s Funeral Home for their professional care and kindness.
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