Kimberly Stucki

Obituary of Kimberly Ann Hope Stucki

It is with the heaviest of hearts, that we announce the passing of our beloved Kim at the tender age of 58. Kim has decided that it was her time to join her oldest baby girl Nieva, behind those pearly gates. She joins many family, friends, her many cats and dog. Kim has impacted so many people over the years. Her care and compassion was shown through her complimenting you or giving you a good scolding. If she didn't care, she wouldn't comment. Kim was a vivacious and beautiful soul that was able to light up any room. She was a black-haired beauty with big dark eyes whose cackled laugh could be heard across town. Cranking her Rock 'N Roll or Oldies at 6am, she would always say ""my neighbours listen to good music"". Kim was an extremely strong woman and she was like a mother to so many. If anyone needed help, she was there. Her 5-Star restaurant style meals are something to be remembered, especially her breakfasts on a big serving platter. Her children's friends (no matter how old they got) would show up on her doorstep after a night out at 5am where they were given a coffee(or a beer and clam for their headache) food and a clean bed to lie down in until they felt better. She was famous for taking in children who just needed extra guidance or love and believed every child should have a safe place to turn to. She was that safe place. Kimberly will forever be remembered by so many including her long-time partner Craig Rennie who she loved and adored. Children, Jacealene Stucki (John), Keenan Cote (Monica), Kiea Stucki (Wesley) and another she always considered her son, Drae Longmuir (Trinity). Kimberly was also a Grandma to 7 beautiful grandchildren with an 8th on the way (Tayia, Liam, Ryder, Kiara, Sylas, Thayle and Alexander). Her cats Baby and Jett, and her grandcats Stitches and Steve French. She also leaves behind her Mom Karen, Grandma Rose, her best friends that were her makeshift siblings and many other family/friends. She lived her life through music. She loved classic rock but throughout the last few days I have come to realization that she liked all sorts of music. Every second or third song that comes on any radio station brings back memories of her. She also loved to cook, and she cooked damn good food! She always had such a positive look on life and raised her children to as well, not one day went by where she did not compliment her children even if she just told them they were beautiful. She would always ask how you are and if you were to say good she would ask, ""who told you you were good?"" MOM YOU TOLD ME I WAS GOOD! If she crossed you in the store or on the street and thought maybe you were having a bad day she would smile and say something nice just to get a smile out of that person. There is so many things we could say but we will just keep those memories close to our hearts. Kimberly did not want a service so if are thinking of her turn on the radio and have a shot of tequila! - Jacealene Ruth Nelly She was a woman full of love. She had the biggest heart I’ve ever seen. I remember calling her the summer of 2006. First words I said was ""mom, I wanna come home and she said ""I’m on my way son"". Within an hour she was there to bring me home and I was a part of the family from then on. My mom loved all her children, even the ones she never borned. We had lots of fun together. I’m not sure who enjoyed being in the kitchen more, her and I would cook together from time to time. The occasional dance in the kitchen. She was always a happy person and did what she could to make someone’s day better, even when I came up from my room grumpy because the music was blaring for all it had at 5 am. it was always a “Good morning son! How was your sleep? What can I get you for breakfast?"". I always felt at home and safe. Sure as mother and son we argued, absolutely we cried, but growing up with her in my life brought more smiles to the both of us than anything else. I love you mom and miss you more and more every day!! Till we meet again, you will always be in my heart and thoughts! - Keenan What's in the bag b****? Well mom, currently, it's you. I love you to the moon, Mudder. - Your Kiea Biea Baby We will keep ringing the bell for you down here if you keep ringing it up there for us. We all love you so much and you will be so missed. The world is a much quieter place without you in it.
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