Michael Materi

Celebration of Life

1:00 pm
Friday, June 16, 2023
Sibbald Community Hall
Main Street
Sibbald, Alberta, Canada
Celebrating the life of Michael Materi

Obituary of Michael Anthony Materi

Michael (Sarge) Anthony Materi

Born oct 24 1956

Passed June 9 2023

Middle son of Amelia and Leonard Materi

Brother of Jean Golanowski, Kim Materi, and Max Materi

Husband of Melanie

Father of Mace and Payten


Mike was an amazing man, always completely devoted to the things he loves most. Whether that be to his wife, his children, his family, his friends, his community, his ranch and especially his sports.


Mike was always such a loving devoted husband always remembering birthdays and anniversaries even if he couldn’t pick out what he wanted to get Mel by himself he never missed a holiday. He was the best father to both Mace and Payten never missing a hockey game or sports event ever. Even if that meant feeding the cows at 3:00 am so that we could leave for a game. No matter what Mike would always make time to help friends when they called , no matter the task.


He especially liked attending the community brandings with his friends and seeing all the calves. Calving season was always Mike’s favourite time of year.

He absolutely loved the fresh air and everything to do with the farm. He was a farm boy through and through. Always out with the cows or out on a machine.


He loved the ranch and dedicated his life to it, that and sports. Whether it be his own sports career or his kids that followed in his footsteps, Mike was always involved with sports. Along with his sport obsession his favourite team was the Pittsburgh Penguins. They were always the best team in the NHL according to mike and no one or nothing could change his mind.


This is a poem that Mike had once told Mace and Payten which they BOTH

decided to use in school. Needless to say that little fact didn’t slip past the teachers.


One dark day in the middle of the night

two dead boys went out to fight

they drew their swords

and shot each other


A paralyzed donkey jumped and eight foot wall

If you don’t believe me

ask the blind man

he seen it all.



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